Hair Extensions 101

Hair Extensions 101


As a stylist who wears hair extensions myself I can’t say enough about how much I love them! I myself have very fine and thin hair. I was not blessed with a full head of hair like some.

With that being said there is a wide variety of uses for hair extensions!! Here I will explain the type I use, what I wish to accomplish with them, how I take care of them and maintenance!

Hope you enjoy!


Currently I am using a brand called Hot Heads hair extensions. The method we use here at the salon is a medical grade tape adhesive. The hair itself is 100% human hair! It can be curled, straightened, blow dried and styled just like your natural hair!

The weft is a small one inch strip that lays perfectly flat to the head with no uncomfortable beads or clips. Two strips make up one piece of extension.

We sandwich your real hair between the two wefts so it lays perfectly flat to the head. The hair can be matched to your exact custom color as well!


hair extensionsFor myself I have a very hard time growing my hair out. Hot heads make it easy for me to achieve the length I desire without the stressful growing out phase. As someone with thin hair I also struggle when it come to getting body and thickness.

With all that being said I use about 2 packs of hot heads hair to achieve the luscious locks I desire! With the help of extensions my hair is now 16-18″ long and the thickness it brings to my hair is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

Having hair extensions gives you that instant confidence boost and pick me up that every girl craves! Are hair extensions just for young girls? Of course not!!!

Women tend to struggle with thinning hair in the temple area. Hair extensions are the perfect way to add that thickness and length back to the hair without any crazy procedures!

Hair extensions are not just for creating long locks! Say you already have long hair but might want to start experimenting with some fun colors, this is the perfect route for you! The tape extensions can be colored to achieve any fashion color of your choosing!

This is a safe and easy way to save your hair from harsh chemicals yet still add a fun pop of color!


Your hair grows on average half an inch a month so to maintain the look and life of your tape hair extensions we suggest you come in for maintenance every 5-6 weeks. The hair itself can be reused as long as you are coming in regularly for your tune ups!

If you go longer than the recommended 8 week max your hair may begin to twist and matte up at the root. You also may be jeopardizing the life of the tapes as the longer you go between visits the more distressed the tabs become.

To take them out we use an alcohol base solvent that loosens the bond and allows us to pull apart the wefts from your natural hair. Once they are all out you can get your real hair touched up and refreshed. In that time we will take the hair extensions and clean the old tabs off and apply new tape which will allow the wefts to adhere to your hair again.

From start to finish (not including time to color) your hair can be taken out and moved up in as short as an hour’s time!


I take care of my extensions as if it was my actual natural growing hair. I shampoo and condition like normal in the shower.

I really make sure to shampoo between each weft to get rid of any buildup or sweat. I still keep the conditioner away from my roots and pull it through my ends in a pony tail style.

When it comes to blow drying I’m still able to apply product like normal and round brush my hair without any of them falling out or slipping. The one product I do recommend 100% is a leave in conditioner with thermal protection.

The hair styles and wears like a dream so don’t be scared to style with some heat!

By Bri.V @saloncartier

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