The Right Ouidad Product for Your Hair

The Right Ouidad Product for Your Hair

The Ouidad product line classifies curls into four types:

  1. loose
  2. classic
  3. tight
  4. kinky.

Doing this makes it so that you can find the perfect product combination for your curl type, and is also a factor in creating the perfect cut by a Ouidad certified stylist.

Ouidad ProductDifferent curl types have different needs and require different techniques, it’s not a one size fit all kind of brand. And more than one curl type can be found on the same head of hair.

Loose curls are categorized by a soft “s” pattern. Think of a very stretched out slinky. Curls of this type may be inconsistent, for example either flat on the roots or the ends. Some people with loose curls don’t even realize they have curly hair.

Lack of moisture which can occur naturally and damage can cause the curl to become straighter and cause curls to lose their internal memory. With this curl type, you want to avoid heavy shampoos and conditioners that can weigh the hair down, as well as any harsh ingredients (such as alcohol) that can cause drying.

You’ll find the best products for this type in Ouidad’s Playcurl line, they enhance curls and plump the hair from within.

Classic curls look more like a defined “S” curl pattern. When healthy, curls are an undeniable coil shape that extends from root to ends. This is typically the most healthy and uniform of all curl types, but it can become frizzy or even tighter if cut short, and damage can cause this curl type to loosen as well.

The product line for this curl type is the Vital Curl line, it provides consistent, balanced hydration for the hair.

Tight curls are a tight spiral or corkscrew shape, a more intense “s” pattern than the previous curl types. The curl pattern can be found from roots to ends. This curl type tends to be finer, and lighter, and more prone to frizzing.

The hair shaft can have a tendency to expand, making the hair appear dense, kinky, and unmanageable. The product line designed for this hair type is the Curl Quencher line, it’s formulated to nourish tight curls with deep hydration.

Kinky Curls look more like a “z” pattern rather than an “s” like the rest of curl types. This is the tightest and kinkiest of the four curl types. These curls can shrink up tp 75% of the hair’s length. Because of how dense these curls can look, many people assume the hair is thick and strong, when in reality it’s typically very fine and delicate.

The curl immersion line provides cleansing conditioners, deep treatments, and leave in conditioners that provide the moisture kinky curls need, as well as heat protectant styling products.

Classifying curls into these four types makes it easier to choose the right prescription of products, and the right techniques for your curls. It helps us understand curls better, because each curl pattern is uniquely different.

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