Modern day women are shifting to fashionable styles and different looks, mostly with their hair. Hair extensions in Walnut Creek and the different areas of your city offer simple solutions to get the look that you desire.

Walnut Creek hair salon will take care of your hair extension services. They make sure your hair extensions look natural because they only use human hair. If you want your extensions to lasts longer, you need to take care of it.

There are a few simply ways on how to make your extensions look better each day.

Wash Gently

It is the most crucial part of the routine. Make sure to detangle before washing and use a good quality shampoo. Slowly wash your hair using a downward motion for both washing and rinsing.



A sufficient amount of leave-on conditioner will get the job done. Apply it with the same downward motion. Apply it every after hair wash.


Dry Your Hair Naturally

Let it dry as naturally as possible. Hair stylist suggests that blow-drying your hair under excessive heat can break your hair extensions.


Brush Carefully

Use soft bristled brush or a Looper brush to perfectly glide to your hair and prevent damage. Gently stroke your brush downwards as it detangles through the tips. Pulling it will be a serious breakage.


Keeping your hair extensions in top shape will make its life longer and choosing the right Walnut Creek Hair Salon differentiates quality from other Hair extensions in Walnut Creek.

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