November: Giving Back

The holiday season is all about thinking outwards and looking to see how we can improve the lives of our loved ones. This also includes helping complete strangers! As we kick off this holiday season, we want to help you join in the gift of sharing with others. At Salon Cartier, we've been working behind the scenes to make foster kids feel special. For over a year, we've given foster kids free haircuts. Our own Robert Cartier had the idea and it's been a success! Now, we need your help! What To Do: Bring your old hair & skin products [...]

Why a Ouidad Haircut?

Ouidad Hair Salon in Walnut Creek With thirty years in the hair industry, Ouidad is the only company with a trademarked technique for cutting curls. Ouidad encourages everyone to understand, identify, and love their curls. And we just happen to be a Ouidad Hair Salon! At Salon Cartier, we love curls! And we have the knowledge to cut and style them just for you. In fact, a Ouidad Haircut is perfect for anyone with any type of curl. Different techniques within a Ouidad Haircut for different curl types. Carving is used to help curls cascade, puzzle, and become organized. Slicing is [...]

Ouidad Training at Salon Cartier

At Salon Cartier, we've fallen in love with the products from Ouidad! We are now Walnut Creek Ouidad hair stylist experts. Did you know that almost half the population has wavy or curly hair? Now we have the products and the skills to help style all of that curly hair! If you've ever had challenges getting your curly or wavy hair looking just right, we can help! Ouidad products are amazing at helping anyone with curls to get the best look ever. Walnut Creek Ouidad Hair Stylist In fact, as a salon, we all went through a training from some of [...]

The Curl Experts!

As a stylist with curly hair I'm always looking for the best products to take care of my curls with. I know that's probably the case for most girls with curls. Well look no further because I now have the best curly hair line on the market. Ouidad! They are the curl experts!! All Ouidad products are lightweight moisturizing and water-soluble, with proteins, vitamins and amino acids. The products work from the inside out to transform hair into its healthiest condition. I will identify your curl pattern, as we all have a different type of curl, as well as the condition [...]

What Kind of Curly Are You?

Recently, we announced that we're now proud to carry all of Ouidad's line of curly hair products here at Salon Cartier. We're very excited to carry such a fantastic product. Traditionally, Ouidad hair products have only been available in salons on the East coast. Now, we've got them right here in Walnut Creek! The question is to identify what kind of curly hair you have. Which Curly Are You? LOOSE CURLS CLASSIC CURLS TIGHT CURLS KINKY CURLS Once you know what kind of curly hair you have, we can match you up [...]