Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions 101

WELCOME TO HAIR EXTENSIONS 101! As a stylist who wears hair extensions myself I can't say enough about how much I love them! I myself have very fine and thin hair. I was not blessed with a full head of hair like some. With that being said there is a wide variety of uses for hair extensions!! Here I will explain the type I use, what I wish to accomplish with them, how I take care of them and maintenance! Hope you enjoy! WHAT KIND AM I USING? Currently I am using a brand called Hot Heads hair extensions. The [...]

Preserving Long Hair Extensions

When you get long hair extensions, it's important to keep them healthy. Listen to what our hair extensions expert Melissa has to say: The best advice I can give you would be put a wide tooth comb in your shower and make sure to comb the conditioner through those locks, especially the ends. Extension hair is already color treated and more distressed than the average hair. With that in mind, it needs more TLC. Once a week, use a professional deep conditioning moisture treatment. Invest in a great detangler leave-in conditioner. I recommend 7 Seconds by Unite. Be sure to [...]

Truth about Hair Extensions in Walnut Creek

Hair Extensions can make your hair much more healthy looking and vibrant. It can add fullness on every strand with all hair types. It has become more popular with celebrities who want to change their looks overnight. The process of hair extensions is not painful at all. It can be glued in, woven in and braided in. You can also choose to add colours with different shades you want. For very short hair, at about 3 inches long, you can get hair extensions installed. Hairdressers or hair stylists who specialize on extensions should have their portfolio to prove their expertise. [...]

Add Hair Extensions for a Pop of Color!

Did you know that hair extensions don't only have to be for length and thickness? It's true! If you have really dark hair, or don't want to lift your natural hair but still want bright colors, extensions are a great way to go! Some key benefits of hair extensions include: they do not damage your hair the color lasts a lot longer than normal coloring techniques you treat the extensions like your own hair (you can blow dry, curl, flat iron, etc) they require very little maintenance If you're looking to get extensions for length, thickness, or just to have [...]

4 Hair Extensions Tips in Walnut Creek

Modern day women are shifting to fashionable styles and different looks, mostly with their hair. Hair extensions in Walnut Creek and the different areas of your city offer simple solutions to get the look that you desire. Walnut Creek hair salon will take care of your hair extension services. They make sure your hair extensions look natural because they only use human hair. If you want your extensions to lasts longer, you need to take care of it. There are a few simply ways on how to make your extensions look better each day. Wash Gently It is the most [...]