Ouidad Hair Salon in Walnut Creek

With thirty years in the hair industry, Ouidad is the only company with a trademarked technique for cutting curls. Ouidad encourages everyone to understand, identify, and love their curls. And we just happen to be a Ouidad Hair Salon!

At Salon Cartier, we love curls! And we have the knowledge to cut and style them just for you. In fact, a Ouidad Haircut is perfect for anyone with any type of curl.

ouidad-walnut-creek-salon-cartierDifferent techniques within a Ouidad Haircut for different curl types.

Carving is used to help curls cascade, puzzle, and become organized. Slicing is a technique that creates curl encouragement. Sliding gradation creates movement without “shelving”, also eliminating the unwanted “triangle shape.”

All these techniques created bounce and bring life back to the hair.

With a Ouidad haircut by a certified Ouidad stylist, curly hair is understood and appreciated, not something to be feared and misunderstood.

The Ouidad Experience

Their tagline says it all “express never suppress”. The Ouidad experience is all about the education and appreciation of curls.

They believe each curl is unique.

Ouidad has a unique way of classifying curls by type:

  • loose
  • classic
  • tight
  • kinky

It also embraces the fact that more than one curl type could be found on one head of hair!

Products are organized by curl type, but can also be used interchangeably.

What sets Ouidad apart from other hair product lines out there?

Curly hair is thirsty hair, and has different arcs and angles that non curly hair does not have, which causes the cuticle layer to be exposed which can cause moisture to escape and chemicals and environmental factors to be absorbed.

Ouidad addresses all these issues, and recognizes that curls require moisture and nutrients to be healthy and happy.

For more info about Ouidad, call me! Julie, Certified Ouidad Cutting Specialist! 

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