Prom HairstyleThe wrong formal hairstyle can make you look too over the top or make you look like you didn’t pay as much attention to your hair as you should have.

The most important thing is to let your dress be your guide. The goal is to create something that will be a compliment to it rather than fight with it.

These basic rules should help you decide…

Off the shoulder or strapless dresses
Since you’ll be showing some skin around the neckline and shoulders, this type of dress works beautifully with long flowing waves. Keep it simple. Setting it and adding a flower or hair pin can be super sexy and adds a bit of glamour.

If your dress has a lot of detail work or a busy back, you may want to wear your hair up to show off the details. Be aware that and upstlye can make a long neck look even longer. If you choose an upstyle, pick one that leaves a little hair hanging softly down on the neck and shoulders, such as a loose side chignon. This will help soften and balance your look and direct the eye to wear it should go.

Highly embellished or full shouldered dresses
These dresses have thick straps, intricate or ruffled sleeves. Your best choice is to wear your hair up and let the dress be the star. Leaving it down only makes your whole style look much too busy. Choose a simple updo, such as a french twist rather than a detailed one so you do not look overdone.

Classic/Simple dresses
These dresses allow you to get creative with your style! Sassy? Trendy? Romantic? You can choose just about anything!

Consider your hair texture
Extensions or hair pieces may need to be used to create a voluminous look if you have fine hair. Overly thick hair may hold better in an upstyle than loose curls. Whatever the case, discuss your options with your stylist well before your event. Be sure to bring along any pictures, accessories or hair pieces that you plan on using so they can be worked into the hairstyle.

Consider the weather
It may be humid or windy during certain times of the year, so factor this in when deciding. Typically a well pinned upstyle is the best choice. Even though you can’t predict the weather, you can do your best to plan ahead.

How you choose to wear your hair can have a big impact on your overall formal appearance. With the right one, you will make an amazing entrance and have everyone staring at your gorgeous style!

*The above was a guest post by Hair Stylist Shannon at Salon Cartier

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