Hair Extensions can make your hair much more healthy looking and vibrant. It can add fullness on every strand with all hair types. It has become more popular with celebrities who want to change their looks overnight.

The process of hair extensions is not painful at all. It can be glued in, woven in and braided in. You can also choose to add colours with different shades you want. For very short hair, at about 3 inches long, you can get hair extensions installed.

Hairdressers or hair stylists who specialize on extensions should have their portfolio to prove their expertise. They can make or break your look so better make sure where to have your extensions on.

Having an extension is not cheap. The price goes depending on the length of hair and how much you need to use. It can go from hundreds to thousands of dollars. You also need to have time to get it installed on the first time.

There are two types of hair extensions. It can be synthetic or 100% human hair. Human hair costs a lot more than the other one but can be managed like your own hair. The goal is to make it look as natural as you can.

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